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Welcome to the Skater Migration official Page!

The biggest recreational skate event in the US! Hosted by Soberollers, this yearly event is your perfect winter gateway! Sun is waiting for you and your skating friends are ready!

Get ready to spend 4 days full of skating, fun, sight seeing and meeting new people.

ALL skaters must sign the waiver and wear a wrist band. 
FULL protective gear (helmet, wrist-guards, elbow & knee guards) are highly recommended. Helmets & wrist-guards are REQUIRED (but we can’t police this. It is YOUR responsibility).

Skater Migration is NOT for beginners. Skater migration is for intermediate to advanced skaters capable of easily handling street skating in groups during the day and/or night, stopping and turning on all terrain, including hills, and following all traffic laws.

All wheels are welcome!

Cyclists are welcomed as long as they keep in mind that skaters kick out to the side. Therefore, bikers must give skaters adequate space at all times by riding in the back, front or side of the skaters.

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